Who is behind it?

Prebid.js was created in early 2015 by Matt Kendall and Paul Yang from AppNexus, together with the help of Nick Jacob from the publisher Aplus. Today, prebid.js has become a project open to the broader community with contributions by many publishers and bidders.

Why did we create Prebid.js?

Publishers had been experiencing the same challenges when implementing header bidding. If improperly implemented, header bidding can increase latency and cause conflicts between multiple demand partners, leading to poor user experience. These problems made demand integration through header bidding with publishers difficult. To make integration easier, we teamed up with some of the most tech savvy publishers and created the prebid.js web framework.

Why open source?

Header bidding empowers publishers to run unbiased auctions across demand sources, thereby increasing competition and bid density. It is in both publishers and demand partners’ best interests to keep header bidding an open, unbiased ecosystem. Companies attempting to control header bidding tech are incentivized to prioritize their own demand for a higher margin. By keeping the code open source with community participation and moving toward community ownership, we work to ensure the header bidding auction logic is unbiased.

Many publishers and demand partners have joined this effort to keep header bidding tech open and unbiased.


We’d like to thank our contributors and people who made this project possible:

Mike McNeeley

Ben Kneen

Arel Lidow

John Ellis

Manny Balbin

Geoff Wright

Iheb Khemissi


Hyejung Jeong

Alejandro Villanueva


Christopher Beck





Robert Lippens

Julien Delhommeau

John Wright

Jeff Crosby

Michael Hunter

Juan Caicedo

Jon Crowell

Wenda Zhou

Josh Johnston

Unruly Developers

Stephen Flee

Nathan Hagen