Prebid.js Module Overview

The core of Prebid.js contains only the foundational code needed for header bidding. Any functionality that could be considered an add-on or that covers a special case is being moved out into modules. Examples of this kind of code include:

  • Bidder adapters
  • Special auction logic
  • Ad server API integrations
  • Any other extensible functionality

This section of the site contains user-submitted module documentation. We’re hoping that it will grow over time.

To see all of the modules that are available, see the modules folder in the repo.

If you are looking for bidder adapter parameters, see Bidders’ Params.

General Modules

Module Description
Currency Converts bid currency into ad server currency based on data in a supplied exchange rate file.
ConsentManagement Collecting and passing consent information in support of privacy regulations: See CMP Best Practices.
Google Ad Manager Express A simplified installation mechanism for publishers that have Google Publisher Tag (GPT) ad calls in their pages.
Supply Chain Object Validates and makes the Supply Object available to bidders
User ID Sub-modules are available to support a range of identification approaches: Criteo RTUS, DigiTrust, ID5 Universal ID, IdentityLink, PubCommon ID, Unified ID and LiveIntent ID.
Advanced Size Mapping Display Responsive AdUnits in demanding page environments.
Price Floors Module Configure and enforce minimum bids.
GPT Pre-Auction Module Adds a PB Ad Slot and matching GAM ad unit name to each ad unit’s first-party data before bid requests are sent to the adapters.

Real-Time Data Providers

Module Description
Browsi Viewability Module Browsi Real Time Viewability
JW Player Real Time Data Provider makes JW Player's video ad targeting information accessible to Bid Adapters.
Reconciliation SDK Module Reconciliation Real Time Data Module

Video Modules

Module Description
Ad Pod Enables developers to add support for a new adserver that handles ad pod (long-form) videos
Freewheel Passes key value targeting to Freewheel SDK
Google Ad Manager Video Required for serving instream video through Google Ad Manager.
IAB Category Translation Converts IAB sub category to Ad server category for long-form videos.
Instream Video Ads Tracking Allow Analytics Adapters and Bid Adapters to track BID_WON events for Instream video bids.
Konduit Accelerate Provides Real Time Start Rate Performance per Bidder.

Testing and Debug Modules

Module Description
Server-to-Server Testing Adds A/B test support to ease into server-side header bidding.

Deprecated Modules

Module Description
Publisher Common ID (Deprecated - please use User ID module) Adds a persisted user ID in the publisher’s domain.

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