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Media Typesdisplay, video, nativeGDPR Supportyes
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"Send All Bids" Ad Server Keys

These are the bidder-specific keys that would be targeted within GAM in a Send-All-Bids scenario. GAM truncates keys to 20 characters.

"Deal ID" Ad Server Key



For Native Ads, in order to avoid further decoding issues of special characters, the assets need to be sent as placeholders. That means, sendId: true becomes mandatory for all fields receiving URLs, notably: icon, image, clickUrl, privacyLink, privacyIcon.

See Sending Asset Placeholders.

Bid Params

Name Scope Description Example Type
zoneId required (deprecated) The zone ID from Criteo. Should be replaced by networkId when using zone matching. 234234 integer
networkId required The network ID from Criteo. Please reach out your Criteo representative for more details. 456456 integer
nativeCallback optional Callback to perform render in native integrations. Please reach out your Criteo representative for more details. function(payload) { console.log(payload); } function
integrationMode optional Integration mode to use for ad render (none or ‘AMP’). Please reach out your Criteo representative for more details. 'AMP' string

Video Object

Name Scope Description Example Type
minduration optional Minimum ad duration in seconds 5 integer
startdelay optional Duration offset (in second) from the start of the content for showing the video ad before the start of the Video. Pre-roll: 0 (default); Mid-roll: >0; Default mid-roll: -1; Post-roll: -2; 5 integer
playbackmethod required Defines how is initiated the video inventory. Page Load with Sound On: 1; Page Load with Sound Off: 2; Click with Sound On: 3; Mouse-Over with Sound On: 4; Entering Viewport with Sound On: 5; Entering Viewport with Sound Off by Default: 6; 1 integer
placement required Video placement type. In-Stream: 1; In-Banner: 2; In-Article: 3: In-Feed: 4; Interstitial: 5; 1 integer
skip required Ability from the video player for the user to skip the video. Not skippable: 0; Skippable: 1; 1 integer

In addition, Criteo adapter relies on parameters specified in the definition of the video ad-units, namely:

Name Scope Description Example Type
context required outstream, instream or long-form instream string
mimes required List of the content MIME types supported by the player ["video/mp4"] Array<string>
playerSize required Width and height of the player [640, 480] Array<integer>
protocols required Supported video bid response protocols. VAST 1.0: 1; VAST 2.0: 2; VAST 3.0: 3; VAST 1.0 Wrapper: 4; VAST 2.0 Wrapper: 5; VAST 3.0 Wrapper: 6; |5, 6] Array<integer>
maxduration required Maximum ad duration in seconds 20 integer
api required API frameworks supported. VPAID 1.0: 1; VPAID 2.0: 2; MRAID-1: 3; ORMMA: 4; MRAID-2: 5; [1, 2] Array<integer>

Example of Video Ad-unit

var adUnits = [
    code: 'video1',
    mediaTypes: {
        video: {
            playerSize: [640, 480],
            context: 'instream',
            mimes: ["video/mp4"],
            maxduration: 30,
            api: [1, 2],
            playerSize: [640,480],
            protocols: [2, 3]
    bids: [{
        bidder: 'criteo',
        params: {
            zoneId: 1455580,
            video: {
                skip: 0,
                playbackmethod: 1,
                placement: 1,