Request parameters

The tables below list the methods and properties that the Prebid Rendering API uses for customization. The more data about the user, app, and device that can be provided the more chances to win an impression.

It is advised that you strictly follow the recommendations in the tables below. Any field marked with an ❗is required and recommended.

  1. Targeting Properties
  2. Targeting Methods
  3. SDK Configuration Properties

Targeting proeprties

Variable Description Required?
storeURL Stores URL for the mobile application. For example: "" ❗ Required
contentUrl This is the deep-link URL for the app screen that is displaying the ad. This can be an iOS universal link. ❗ Highly Recommended
publisherName App’s publisher’s name. ❗ Highly Recommended
yearOfBirth For example: 1987 ❗ Highly Recommended
coppa or subjectToCOPPA Flag indicating if this request is subject to the COPPA regulations established by the USA FTC, where 0 = no, 1 = yes ❗ Highly Recommended
userGender User’s gender (Male, Female, Other, Unknown). For example: .female ❗ Highly Recommended
userGenderDescription String representation of the user’s gender, where “M” = male, “F” = female, “O” = known to be other (i.e., omitted is unknown)  
userID ID of the user within the app. For example: "24601" ❗ Highly Recommended
buyerUID Buyer-specific ID for the user as mapped by the exchange for the buyer. ❗ Highly Recommended
keywords Comma separated list of keywords, interests, or intent Optional
userCustomData Optional feature to pass bidder the data that was set in the exchange’s cookie. The string must be in base85 cookie safe characters and be in any format. Proper JSON encoding must be used to include “escaped” quotation marks. Optional
userExt Placeholder for exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB. Optional

The code sample:

let targeting = Targeting.shared
targeting.userGender = .male
targeting.yearOfBirth = 1987
targeting.userID = "X345Y678Z890"

Targeting methods

Custom Params

The methods that add or change the custom parameters. The name will be auto-prepended with c. to avoid collisions.

public func addCustomParam(_ value: String, withName: String?)

public func setCustomParams(_ params: [String : String]?)


Adds a new param by name and sets its value.

public func addParam(_ value: String, withName: String?)

Latitude Longitude

Store location in the user’s section

public func setLatitude(_ latitude: Double, longitude: Double)

SDK Configuration Properties

Method Description Default
creativeFactoryTimeout Controls how long in seconds each creative has to load before it is considered a failure. 3
creativeFactoryTimeoutPreRenderContent Controls how long (in seconds) the video and display interstitial creative has to completely pre-render before it is considered a failure. 30
useExternalClickthroughBrowser Controls whether to use in-app browser or the Safari app for displaying ad click-through content. true
logLevel Controls the verbosity of PrebidRenderingModule’s internal logger. Options are (from most to least noisy):
- .info
- .warn
- .error
- .none
debugLogFileEnabled If true, the output of PrebidRenderingModule’s internal logger is written to a text file. This can be helpful for debugging. false

The code sample:

Prebid.shared.creativeFactoryTimeout = 5.0