MoPub: Native Ads Integration

Native Ads

There are two ways to integrate Native ads with MoPub:

  • using custom native ad renderer from MoPub adapters
  • bind the UI components with data from the winning bid manualy in the app

Antive Ad Renderer

The integration with native ad renere is the same as wi any other adpater. See the MoPub docs for the details.

Manual binding

Integration Example:

func loadAd() {
    guard let nativeAdConfig = nativeAdConfig, let adRenderingViewClass = adRenderingViewClass else {
    adUnit = MoPubNativeAdUnit(configID: prebidConfigId, nativeAdConfiguration: nativeAdConfig)
    let targeting = MPNativeAdRequestTargeting()
    adUnit?.fetchDemand(with: targeting!) { [weak self] result in
        guard let self = self else {
        let settings = MPStaticNativeAdRendererSettings();
        settings.renderingViewClass = adRenderingViewClass
        let prebidConfig = PrebidMoPubNativeAdRenderer.rendererConfiguration(with: settings);
        let mopubConfig = MPStaticNativeAdRenderer.rendererConfiguration(with: settings);
        let adRequest = MPNativeAdRequest.init(adUnitIdentifier: self.moPubAdUnitId, rendererConfigurations: [prebidConfig, mopubConfig!])
        adRequest?.targeting = targeting
        adRequest?.start { [weak self] request, response , error in
            guard let self = self else {
            guard error == nil else {
            guard let moPubNativeAd = response else {
            let nativeAdDetectionListener = NativeAdDetectionListener { [weak self] nativeAd in
                guard let self = self else {
            } onPrimaryAdWin: { [weak self] in
                guard let self = self else {
            } onNativeAdInvalid: { [weak self] error in
                self?.nativeAdInvalidButton.isEnabled = true
            PrebidMoPubAdaptersUtils.shared.find(nativeAd: moPubNativeAd,
                                   nativeAdDetectionListener: nativeAdDetectionListener)

Native Styles

The Native Styles ads are integrated with Baner API.

Integration Example:

// 1. Create a MoPub AdView
banner = MPAdView(adUnitId: MOPUB_AD_UNIT_ID)
banner.delegate = self

// 2. Create an Prebid Ad Unit
adUnit = MoPubBannerAdUnit(configID: CONFIG_ID, size: adSize)

// 3. Provide NativeAdConfiguration
adUnit.nativeAdConfig = NativeAdConfiguration(testConfigWithAssets: assets)
// 4. Run a Header Bidding auction on Prebid
adUnit.fetchDemand(with: banner!) { [weak self] result in
// 5. Load an Ad

Step 1: Create Ad View

You have to create and place MoPub’s Ad View into the app page.

Step 2: Create Ad Unit

Create the MoPubBannerAdUnit object with parameters:

  • configID - an ID of Stored Impression on the Prebid server
  • size - the size of the ad unit which will be used in the bid request.

Step 3: Create and provide Native Assets

To make a proper bid request publishers should provide the needed assets to the NativeAdConfiguration class. Each asset describes the UI element of the ad according to the OpenRTB standarts.

let assets = [
        let title = NativeAssetTitle(length: 90)
        title.required = true
        return title
        let icon = NativeAssetImage()
        icon.widthMin = 50
        icon.heightMin = 50
        icon.required = true
        icon.imageType = NSNumber(value: PBMImageAssetType.icon.rawValue)
        return icon
        let image = NativeAssetImage()
        image.widthMin = 150
        image.heightMin = 50
        image.required = true
        image.imageType = NSNumber(value: PBMImageAssetType.main.rawValue)
        return image
        let desc = NativeAssetData(dataType: .desc)
        desc.required = true
        return desc
        let cta = NativeAssetData(dataType: .ctaText)
        cta.required = true
        return cta
        let sponsored = NativeAssetData(dataType: .sponsored)
        sponsored.required = true
        return sponsored

See the full description of NativeAdConfiguration options here.

Step 4: Fetch Demand

To run an auction on Prebid run the fetchDemand() method which performs several actions:

  • Makes a bid request to Prebid
  • Sets up the targeting keywords to the MoPub’s ad unit
  • Passes the winning bid to the MoPub’s ad unit
  • Returns the result of bid request for future processing

Step 5: Load the Ad

When the bid request has completed, the responsibility of making the Ad Request is passed to the publisher. That is why you have to invoke loadAd() on the MoPub’s Ad View explicitly in the completion handler of fetchDemand().