Code Integration for iOS

CocoaPods integration (BETA)

The rendering API is introduced as a beta release. In order to integrate it you have to set the beta version explisitly:

pod 'PrebidMobile', '1.13.0-beta2'

If you need to integrate Prebid with GAM or MoPub add these pods respectively

# + Google Ad Manager (optional)
pod 'PrebidMobileGAMEventHandlers', '1.13.0-beta2'

# + MoPub (optional)
pod 'PrebidMobileMoPubAdapters', '1.13.0-beta2'

Init Prebid Rendering

The best place for initialization is the application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method. Import the SDK first:

import PrebidMobile

Then set the predefined or costom Prebid Server host and provide the Prebid Account ID.

PrebidRenderingConfig.shared.accountID = YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID
PrebidRenderingConfig.shared.prebidServerHost = HOST