The tables below list the methods and properties that the Prebid Rendering API uses for customization. The more data about the user, app, and device that can be provided the more chances to win an impression.

It is advised that you strictly follow the recommendations in the tables below. Any field marked with an ❗is required and recommended.

  1. Targeting Params
  2. SDK Settings


You can use Targeting to pass ad call request parameters.

Parameter Method Description Required?
User Age setUserAge Age of the user in years. For example: 35 ❗ Highly Recommended
Buyer Id setBuyerId Buyer-specific ID for the user as mapped by the exchange for the buyer. Optional
Custom User Data setUserCustomData Optional feature to pass bidder data that was set in the exchange’s cookie. The string must be in base85 cookie safe characters and be in any format. Proper JSON encoding must be used to include “escaped” quotation marks. Optional
User Extensions setUserExt Placeholder for exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB. Optional
User Gender setGender The gender of the user (Male, Female, Other, Unknown). For example: Gender.FEMALE ❗ Highly Recommended
Keywords addUserKeywords Comma separated list of keywords, interests, or intent. Optional
Lat, Lon setUserLatLng Location of the user’s home base defined by a provided longitude and latitude. It’s highly recommended to provide Geo data to improve the request. Optional
Publisher Name setPublisherName Publisher name (may be aliased at the publisher’s request). Recommended if available
Store Url setStoreUrl The URL for the mobile application in Google Play. That field is required in the request.
For example:
❗ Required
User ID setUserId ID of the user within the app. For example: "24601" ❗ Highly Recommended


java // Set user parameters to enrich ad request data. // Please see Targeting for the userKeys and the APIs available. TargetingParams.addUserKeyword("socialNetworking"); TargetingParams.setUserAge(18); |