Prebid Video | Instream Example with JW Player (Playlist)

An example of an instream pre-roll ad using Prebid.js and JW Player (Playlist).

Important: This example uses a test version of Prebid.js hosted on our CDN that is not recommended for production use. It includes all available adapters. Production implementations should build from source or customize the build using the Download page to make sure only the necessary bidder adapters are included.

Warning: Do not forget to exchange the placementId in the code examples with your own placementId!

Place this code in the page header.

<script async src="//"></script>
    var pbjs = pbjs || {};
    pbjs.que = pbjs.que || [];

    var PREBID_TIMEOUT = 700;

    var firstPlay = true;

    var tempTag = false;
    var invokeVideoPlayer = function(url) {
        tempTag = url;

    var videoAdUnit = {
        code: 'video1',
        mediaTypes: {
            video: {
                playerSize: [640, 480],
                context: 'instream'
        bids: [{
            bidder: 'appnexus',
            params: {
                placementId: 13232361, // Add your own placement id here
video: { skipppable: true, playback_method: ['auto_play_sound_off'] } } }] }; var requestVideoAd = function() { pbjs.requestBids({ bidsBackHandler: function(bids) { var videoUrl = pbjs.adServers.dfp.buildVideoUrl({ adUnit: videoAdUnit, params: { iu: '/19968336/prebid_cache_video_adunit', cust_params: { section: 'blog', anotherKey: 'anotherValue' }, output: 'vast' } }); invokeVideoPlayer(videoUrl); } }); } pbjs.que.push(function() { // add your ad units to the bid request
pbjs.addAdUnits(videoAdUnit); pbjs.setConfig({ debug: true, cache: { url: '' } }); requestVideoAd(); }); </script>

Place this code in the page body.

<!--player div-->
<div id="myElement1"></div>
<!-- replace this script with the libraries script of your player -->
    <script src=""></script>
        var adTag = "";
        var playerInstance = jwplayer('myElement1');

        invokeVideoPlayer = function(url) {
            adTag = url;
            console.log("MESSAGE: invoking the video player");

            // if this is our first time invoking the player, we also need to create the player  
            // and the event listeners 
if (firstPlay) { playerInstance.setup({ "playlist": "", "width": 640, "height": 480, "advertising": { "client": "vast", }, }); // set firstPlay to false to make sure we don't call setup() on our player a second time firstPlay = false;  // beforePlay gets triggered before each content video plays   // we play the ad tag being stored in the variable adTag, which we refresh   // each time a content video plays by calling requestVideoAd
playerInstance.on("beforePlay", function() { playerInstance.playAd(adTag); console.log("MESSAGE: refreshing the ad slot"); pbjs.que.push(function() { requestVideoAd(); }); }); // if our playlist ends and does not repeat, we want to play the last ad we got
playerInstance.on("beforeComplete", function() { if (playerInstance.getPlaylistIndex() === playerInstance.getPlaylist().length - 1) { playerInstance.playAd(adTag); } }); } } // if prebid returned an ad before the browser reached the end of the page,   // the version of invokeVideoPlayer we defined in the header has stored the url in tempTag,   // so we call invokeVideoPlayer with the stored url we stored
if (tempTag) { invokeVideoPlayer(tempTag); tempTag = false; } </script>